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Here is a snapshot of Otieno Paul-Peter's favorites. From this, we hope you will get a glimpse of his lifestyle. He is largely a simple gentleman
1:Favorite Hobbies
Reading, Writing, Teaching, Singing & Listening to music, Solving IT problems & Playing with kids
2:Favorite Books
Self-help (non-fiction), Spiritual, Scientific, Technological
3:Favorite Titles
Live Your Dream in 7Ds by Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq., The Making of a Symphony Orchestra - Timeless Leadership by Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq., As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, The Science of Getting Rich, Think & Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylone, The Holy Bible, Electronics & Quantum  Physics
4:Favorite Dishes
African Cuisine, Non-junk; simply eating healthy
5:Favorite Cars
Subarus & Mercedes Benzes 
6:Favorite Drinks
Water, Tea & a little red (sweet) wine

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