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Betrayal Principal

It is never easy to have an all faithful team members. You will try as much as possible to limit the possibility of witch-hunt and betrayal but at times it will just occur. Refer to the story, Judas Will Always Appear, which is discussed in the next chapter on the subject of team development. This is one of the most painful parts in leadership. More painful than lethargy among members of the team; more painful than absenteeism. That tells you not to blindly trust. And that is my biggest weakness! It is important for every leader to know what areas they are weak at and figure out how to improve.

The Principle of Identity

Let scorpions remain scorpions and sheep remain sheep. You cannot do much to change a scorpion to a frog. A story is told of a scorpion and a frog. A frog,...



A leader should be a harbinger, a luminary, a visionary, one who sets an example by practice and not by word. So is the author of this book - Otieno Paul Peter. In his own words: “There are two values I want to talk about for a good leader - character and competence. Competence is your ability to do your task well. Character is what reflects in all relationships and associations. It reflects your values and beliefs.”

This book is a must read for all of us who yearn to mentor others by building their own selves and in so doing, leading with deep rooted values and beliefs. All the best to the readers.

Anuradha Khoda, CEO Nomad Lounges Ltd

Passionate mentor and teacher

I was so hypnotized by this book that I even failed to notice I didn't start at the beginning. I only remembered after I had already covered almost thirty pages! It's quite captivating and worth studying. Thumps up.

David Karanja Mathwe, Traccoh Group Limited

This is a well thought out book about leadership. For society to function well it must dance in harmony. The imagery of the orchestra is present to give an illuminating tapestry of an artist connecting all parts to give a beautiful sound; the output of sound leadership. The violin, the cello, the oboe, the double bass, the trumpet, the clarinet, the drum are but parts of the orchestra. The author uses this picture to depict a society which must learn to do whatever each person is doing but in harmony for common good. There are phrases in this book that create a sense of urgency and eagerness to keep reading it.

Dr. Reginald Maudlin Nalugala,PhD

Governance, Development Theory Management in Africa for Social Transformation (PhD&MA), Tangaza University

This is one of the most engaging book on leadership one can ever find. It offers insight into important aspects of leadership that young people would find invaluable. Examples are drawn from real life experiences of people we come across in our daily life experiences. This book is an asset to those seeking knowledge on leadership.

Jane Achieng', Librarian, University of Nairobi

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