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Redwood Tree


You are the driver
Your team is the crew
Your organization is the locomotive
The mission is the rail
The vision is the destination!

Your fuel is training
Your windscreen is your attitude
Your breaks are the distractions and fears
Your acceleration is the legacy!

There's no provision for autopilot
You must stay 100% focused
You veer off, tragedy is bound to occur!
This happens every time -
When a leader focus on minor things;
like money!

Trust in the process
When things happen right,
When you stick to the main thing,
When you fix the essentials,
Just like the redwood trees,
The rest somewhat fix themselves!

Live Your Dream!

---- Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq.---
Author and Leadership Trainer
Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd


 Authored by Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq., the founder of Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd and the author of the lifechanging book, Live Your Dream in 7Ds currently selling on Amazon. Click to Download Free Book Sample. Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd is currently offering unbeatable promotions on Talks, Corporate Trainings and Team Building services. Get in touch for more.

 ducks to eagles school

Some people won't learn no matter what!

An uncle of mine once told us that when he went abroad to study, one of his seniors told; "don't advise people. Don't give wise counsel to anyone. Why? Because there are only two types of people; the wise & the foolish. Wise people are already wise so they don't need your advice. Fools, on the other hand, won't listen to your advice. It's therefore needless to waste your time & effort advising others."


"You only fail if you fail to mine from failure"
---Otieno P.P.--

Should I accept and move on?

A few weeks ago, one of the church groups I belong to organized some sort of team building session. Because I happened to be available that particular Saturday, it was in my interest to attend because of only one reason; to learn. Being a perpetual student of life, I expected this to be one of those exciting days in my life since it would offer me an opportunity to drink from the If you're not failing, you're not tryingcistern of wisdom, through personal reflections that would be triggered by the activities for the day. I love learning and most times.. I learn more from what is said or done than what is taught or preached. Words and activities have a way of prompting my thoughts and imagination; flooding me flushes of insight upon which my mind gladly bathe. Due to time constraints, we could scarcely do more than 4 activities that day. But I did achieve my objective all the same; learning. This particular day, one of my biggest take-away was man's natural response towards failure.


The change we yearn for comes by choice and not by chance. The difference is within.

During my interview to join the workforce for one of companies I ever worked for, that's over 10 years ago, I was asked about my expected remuneration. I had thought that people working in the same department, doing more-or-less the same tasks, should be earning something similar. Despite giving a range of figures, it was in my belief that this would not influence much what I finally get paid because the company must be having an established rate. Along the way, I came to realize that I was probably earning something more than a good number of my colleagues. This kept me wondering what causes others to earn more or less. It made me remember that in my previous organization, which was a training institution, some people earned more despite being at the same level. Why? Because they had extra classes allocated to them by the manager. They had more to give to the market-place. They had more value.


"Meaningful relationships make your life meaningful"
---Otieno P.P.--

This is a subject of betrayal and disappointments. Life is built on relationships. Meaningful life means meaningful relationships. It doesn't matter what sort of business you're involved in. Everything boils down to family. Your business family, your nuclear/extended family, your workplace family etc. If you go out to build a business, your major business is building good relationships; relationships that last and give fulfillment. Relationships of value. In doing this, some of the few things you may want to consider, in my opinion, include...

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