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Redwood Tree


You are the driver
Your team is the crew
Your organization is the locomotive
The mission is the rail
The vision is the destination!

Your fuel is training
Your windscreen is your attitude
Your breaks are the distractions and fears
Your acceleration is the legacy!

There's no provision for autopilot
You must stay 100% focused
You veer off, tragedy is bound to occur!
This happens every time -
When a leader focus on minor things;
like money!

Trust in the process
When things happen right,
When you stick to the main thing,
When you fix the essentials,
Just like the redwood trees,
The rest somewhat fix themselves!

Live Your Dream!

---- Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq.---
Author and Leadership Trainer
Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd


 Authored by Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq., the founder of Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd and the author of the lifechanging book, Live Your Dream in 7Ds currently selling on Amazon. Click to Download Free Book Sample. Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd is currently offering unbeatable promotions on Talks, Corporate Trainings and Team Building services. Get in touch for more.

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