You will need Otieno Paul-Peter when you are looking for:

  1.   Someone special to inspire and motivate your team   
  2.   A talented soft/business skills trainer to build your capacity on leadership, selling, relationship, public speaking and many more
  3.   An experienced and excellent Team Building Professional for your team.
  4.   A practical and insightful Business & ICT Strategist or Consultant - you need him when you want to seek a 3rd eye into your business, or to venture in new business.

He will always give you the best there is at reasonable investment! Simple and practical ideas. Get in touch with him now! Because he is passionate about developing people. He writes articles, records clips, writes books and uses every available avenue he finds to share knowledge.In cluding TV and Radio shows.

Listen to Otieno Paul-Peter on Radio Maria Worldwide (Nairobi) discussing family matters every Thursday between 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Listen to Him every Thursday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on Radio Maria Worldwide (Nairobi Studio) discussing Family Matters. Ideas that help you and your family grow to your full potential.




Part time, being a fully qualified IT professional and consults in IT services through his other organization, ICT Gurus EA Limited, he provides domain registration, email and webhosting services through Mr.Otieno highly values hands on skills. He is never impressed by academic papers. So long as someone has the practical ability to solve the problems, that is really what matters to him. He values education, but practical education. Education that offers practical solutions to problems of humanity.

 Otieno also considers himself a lifelong student of life; perpetually learning metaphysics, IT, philosophy, critical thinking, psychology, religion, business, etc. He is also an enthusiast of nutrition & optimal health; always focused on habits that guarantee quality health. For that reason, he ventured in Nutritional Business which is equally making lives better.

He as so far done two books;

  1. LIVE YOUR DREAM IN 7Ds - Achieving the Life You Desire One Step at a Time

These books are available on Amazon, Kindle and can also be obtained directly through him.

He is currently working on other titles.

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