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Otieno Paul-Peter is an inspiring public speaker, Leadership Development Coach, Team Building Facilitator, Paradigm-shift Coach, Business Strategist, ICT Consultant, Author, husband & a father. He is passionate about human capital development.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics (Applied Electronics & Microcomputer Systems)  and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Nairobi plus a host other certifications in IT, Management of Learning, Team Building & Leadership from another of institutions.

He worked with Institute of Advance Technology (IAT) as a Trainer from September 2006 to January 2008, then moved to Africa Online (K) – a member of Telcom South Africa from February 2008 to October 2010 when he opted to retire from active employment in order to pursue his full time interest in business.

Otieno Paul-Peter is the founder of ICT Gurus EA Limited which offers basic ICT consultations, Email and web-hosting services with special interests in supporting SMEs. In his quest to always empower people to achieve their best in life, he founded  Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd, a company specializing in Business Skills Training, Business Strategies and Team Buildings facilitations services. He is also involved in a Network Marketing (NWM) business through which he consults on NWM business building systems (BBSs) as well as healthy living matters. His personal mission is to empower people to Live their Dreams!

...It generates more benefits to us too, yes it does! This includes financial benefits. The symphony orchestra director earns the most. That is what the ability to lead results in. Leadership is like making a symphony orchestra. The better the leader we become, the better the orchestra we make, the more the lives we impact and the greater the value we add in the market place which ultimately results in better economic growth.
         If you buy a piece of land somewhere in the country side, its value does not grow much until something happens. You can give it time to grow in value naturally through inflation. That takes time and the price may not necessarily reflect a growth in value rather than inflation. But what if the value is caused to grow? For example if a road is opened up, a hospital and/or training college is built around the area. What if electricity line and water pipes are made...

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Mr. Otieno PP is the proud author of the acclaimed self-helf book, LIVE YOUR DREAM IN 7Ds -- Achieving The Life You Desire One Step At a Time and the authoritative leadership book, THE MAKING OF A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – TIMELESS LEADERSHIP both of which are currently available on Amazon and Kindle. Print copies for distributors are done by Lightning Source in UK. He is currently working on his 3rd title, Lazy Smarts Strong Fools and some more upcoming titles.

PP, as he is fondly called by his pears, is known for three main Ts:

           1:Talks that form and inform
           2:Trainings that equip and inspire
           3:Team buildings that challenge and develop
He will always give the best....

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Having grown up in an economically deprived family, where no meal was guaranteed and basic needs were scarcely met, where the only care was just to survive the day and nothing more, I kept having a feeling...

What they say about Otieno Paul-Peter

It was so good! I actually thought you have been around here observing how we work; quite familiar with our systems and processes. That was great!

Otieno Paul-Peter has spoken (or conducted trainings/team building services) for Madison Insurance Company,Equity Bank, Real People East Africa, Horizon Media, Elevetus Technologies, Digital Vision East Africa, Kenindia Assurance, Resolution Health, Glacier East Africa, Lavender Properties, Auto Springs EA Limited, among many others. He is loved for his enthusiasm, positive vibe and the simplicity and practicality of his message.

He is an active member of the Rotary Club of Milimani where he has previously served as the Director of PR and Communication for two consecutive years. He is also a trained choral music director (courtesy of US Embassy & Florida State University) and a lover of music, sings and directs choral music at St. Paul’s Community Choir (St. Paul’s Catholic Chapel & Parish, University of Nairobi) where he also participates as a lector; proclaiming The Word and currently the Moderator/Chairman for St. Paul's Family Life Group. He has quite a number of leadership roles in a number of groups and organizations.

Previous Training

When a Leader Should Quit

Some Organizations Served

  • Equity Bank
  • Digital Vision East Africa
  • Real People East Africa
  • Jubilee Insurance Agency
  • Elevetus Technologies
  • Resolution Health
  • Madison Insurance
  • Redhill Nursaries Ltd
  • Glacier East Africa
  • Kenya Tourism Board

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