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The following are the thoughts, quotes and philosophies of Otieno Paul-Peter, Esq. By going through this, you will be able to get his attitudes and spirits in this journey of life. The general objective of all this is that life might be better for someone. For any speaking engagements, to inspire, train and build your team, Get in touch with him. You will get the best there is!

 Life can change

1:Life can change. Life can improve no matter what. It all depends on the attitude of the possessor of that life.

2:Schooling should not be limited to academic institutions. That thinking is the greatest scandal of mankind. In my estimation, academics contribute to less than 20% of what we need to know about life and success. Most of (important) education is done outside schools.

3:There is no life without customers. Everyone must, therefore, learn about customers and build a steady customer base.

4:Entrepreneurship is a higher level of leadership. One cannot become a great entrepreneur without having become a great leader.
5:Leadership has nothing to do with the office you hold. Neither has it anything to do with the qualifications you have. It has everything to do with your sense of responsibility. Leaders do not pass the buck.

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